Promoting Student Learning: Diversity and Student Success
Third Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning
University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario
May 12-13, 2009

This conference will explore effective practices, curriculum models, outreach strategies, research, and academic and student service programming designed to promote student learning, foster student success and respond to the needs of diverse learners. Post-secondary institutions are increasingly called upon to respond to the needs of diverse learners in order to increase studentsí chances of success. This conference will explore diversity among post-secondary students in all its richness and challenge. Topics may include issues related to cultural, social, and racial difference; diverse learning preferences, styles, and approaches to learning; the diversity of needs that learners bring to the classroom; and how first-year students, in particular, might benefit from more inclusive teaching. The conference will examine the individual instructor and what the university as a community, working towards common goals, can do to foster student engagement.

This conference is designed for faculty, academic administrators, staff including student service personnel, and students from post-secondary institutions. While the annual conference is an initiative of the University of Windsor and Oakland University, we welcome the participation of individuals from other post-secondary institutions.