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An international conference of this caliber doesn’t happen without the efforts of many talented, thoughtful, and passionate people. Those are exactly the types of people we’re looking for to join the WOTL 2015 Volunteer Team.

Registration Facilitator
As facilitators of first impressions, those working at the registration desk will greet participants, locate them on our registration list, and provide them with their name tag, a program, handouts, and more. The registration desk will be the event hub, so working there will also mean that you will be called upon to answer a lot of questions about the workshops, the event schedule, and how to get around.

Conference Scout
Think of this role as a walking, talking, human information booth. Scouts will act as hosts for participants, answering questions about the event and offering information about the sessions. You’ll also help participants get where they need to be, whether by leading them yourself or directing them to the signage (which you will help create). We’ll also be encouraging you to participate in the conversation on social media. You’ll be the eyes and ears of the conference.

Conference Agent
Double “0” agents need not apply – we’re looking for team players only! Conference agents will be tasked with special assignments on the fly. One minute you might be acting as a personal assistant to one of the conference organizers, the next you could be rushing a desperately needed material to an ongoing session. Those who fill this role will be quick thinkers, won’t be afraid to ask questions, and can remain calm in stressful situations.

Tech Wizard
If there’s a tech equivalent of the gardener’s green thumb, you have it (or maybe you’re looking to develop it). You’ll be helping to keep all of the technology used at the event in line by troubleshooting A/V equipment and computer problems. If you’re interested in technology and thrive in challenging situations, this is the role for you.

Session Host
You’ll be counted on to help make sure workshops run according to plan. Work one on one with presenters, introduce the session, and distribute/collect feedback from participants. Don’t forget, too, that we’re counting on you to keep these sessions on time! A session host is a flexible and knowledgeable individual who can act as an aid for our workshop presenters.

Location and Transition Facilitator
Those of you more interested in a logistical workout can contribute by assisting us in the setup, takedown, and re-arrangement between conference days. We will also need your help to set up posters and signage before the conference, coordinating poster setup/takedown for the poster session, as well as transport and setup of equipment for the different planned sessions.

Why Volunteer
We get it, volunteering is a big commitment, and it’s not always easy to donate your time and energy to a large project like this. Don’t underestimate this opportunity, though. We think there is a lot to gain from volunteering at WOTL 2015, and to help you weigh your options, we made this completely unbiased, handy dandy chart outlining the pros and cons – the good and bad – of joining the volunteer team. We think you’ll agree: volunteering at WOTL 2015 offers a lot of benefits.

Pros Cons
Connect with scholars conducting exciting research on teaching and learning. We got nothing.
Gain event management experience at a world-class academic conference.
Build your CV or resume by adding volunteer experience within the UWindsor community.
Impress future employers with your participation in an international conference.
Attend the conference for free, which means you can participate in conference activities between shifts.
Lunch is on us if you volunteer 3 hours or more.
We value our volunteers and have been known to show our appreciation with letters acknowledging their service, pizza parties, and other little thank yous.
Individual Session / Conference Evaluation
Please provide us with feedback to help us plan for future conferences.