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The Queer Classroom and Creating a Queer Archive

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019 • 1:30 p.m. – 2:10 p.m.
Dillon Hall 368
Renee Bondy University of Windsor Show biographies
Renée Bondy taught in the Women’s and Gender Studies program at the University of Windsor for many years, and currently serves as Adjunct Professor in WGS. She is co-editor of Feminist Pedagogy in Higher Education (WLU Press, 2015). Renée is a freelance writer and regular contributor to the Canadian feminist magazine Herizons.
Scott Cowan University of Windsor
Scott R. Cowan is an Information Services Librarian at the University of Windsor. He completed his Master of Library and Information Science degree at the University of Western Ontario, and his undergraduate degrees in Education and Music Education at the University of Saskatchewan. He is a former middle school and high school teacher. Scott's research focuses on the information needs and access to information for the LGBTQ2IA community.

This presentation examines the powerful meanings found at the intersection of classroom, community, and archive. Grounded in classroom experience, feminist/queer pedagogies, and literature on queer archives, this session offers practical strategies for creating a digital archive, reflections on teaching about queer history, and invites discussions about professor-librarian collaboration and the value of queering existing knowledge structures. In the context of a first-year Women’s and Gender Studies course on “Queer Activism,” our collaboration – that is, between professor and librarian – yielded numerous insights about how the creation of a digital archive allows students to apply classroom learning in ways which facilitate connection between students and the local LGBTQ2+ community. In building the archive, students identify, document, and catalogue past and present queer spaces/places/events/services, and come to realize how this helps build collective queer memory.