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Exchanging Practices That Drive Cultural Change in Higher Education

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019 • 11:50 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Dillon Hall 359
Lindsay Shaw Brock University Show biographies
Lindsay Shaw is the Research Coordinator for the Institutional Teaching Culture project and an Academic Advisor at Brock University.
Erika Kustra University of Windsor
Erika Kustra is the Director, Teaching and Learning Development at the University of Windsor.
Jill Grose* Brock University
Jill Grose is the Director, Centre for Pedagogical Innovation at Brock University.
*Marked authors are not presenting at the conference.

Teaching culture is the embedded patterns, behaviours, shared values, beliefs, and ideologies that prioritize the importance of teaching within an institution (Kezar & Eckel, 2002; Kustra et al., 2014). Researchers from across Canada are developing a repository of effective practices that contribute to an institution’s teaching culture, structured based on a framework of six levers. As such, practices in the repository recognize that teaching is highlighted in institutional initiatives and documents (Lever 1); teaching is assessed in a constructive and flexible manner (Lever 2); effective teaching is implemented widely (Lever 3); teaching is supported by infrastructure (Lever 4); teaching is engaged in broadly by staff, faculty, and students (Lever 5); and teaching is awarded and celebrated throughout the institution (Lever 6). Through this facilitated conversation, participants will discuss a wide range of teaching and learning practices that align with the six levers (Hénard & Roseveare, 2012; Paulsen & Feldman, 1995), identify any institutional tensions or barriers around these practices, and explore how these practices can influence cultural change. Participants will also have the opportunity to contribute their own effective practices to the online repository.