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Bringing Indigenous Pedagogy Into the Classroom: A Facilitated Conversation

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019 • 1:30 p.m. – 2:10 p.m.
Dillon Hall 365
Rebecca Major University of Windsor Show biographies
Prof. Major is a faculty member at the University of Windsor in Political Science, teaching both traditional academic courses and Indigenous knowledge-based courses. Aside from academic work, she has worked in the Indigenous political arena as a bureaucrat and as an elected official in different capacities. Her areas of interest include; Indigenous public policy and learning; identity and membership; Indigenous knowledge systems; and Indigenous land and governance claims.

Much of my teaching career either involved instructing in northern settings where the majority of my student population was Indigenous, both Métis and First Nations. My urban teaching experience includes instructing in programs for Indigenous students, or Indigenous-based knowledge courses, both in Indigenous studies and Political Sciences. Other work that contributes to my experience is Indigenizing course content. Through these experiences, and being a person that walks in two worlds, I wish to assist participants to create ways to bring Indigenous considerations into the classroom. The content of the facilitated conversation will discuss worldview and ways of understanding to illustrate teaching methods that are inclusive of Indigenous pedagogies. The discussion will open with a brief background about my experience in Indigenizing course content, teaching in metaphors, and providing balance of world-views in instruction. This background is meant to serve as a starting point for brainstorming ideas with participants of how they can apply this to their own classrooms.