Conference Schedule

Universal Design of Instruction (UDI) as a Complement to Legislated Access Requirements

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 • 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Alumni Auditorium
Linda Coltman University of Windsor Show biographies
Linda Coltman is a Graduate student in Political Science and a member of the University of Windsor's University Teaching Certificate Program. As a person with disabilities and long-time community leader and advocate surrounding issues affecting the lives of people with lived experience to disability, and other forms of vulnerability and marginalization (poverty, homelessness, etc.), Linda became interested in Universal Design of Instruction/UDI concepts as a means of enhancing student recruitment and retention.

Employing a poster format, Universal Design of Instruction/UDI will be showcased as a best practice for providing effective instruction to all students outside of legislated mandates. UDI entails a significant change in institutional efforts to provide equal access to education and is capable of enhancing recruitment and retention of a diverse student body, providing effective instruction to all students, and reducing stigmas associated with disabilities. However, a review of UDI literature indicates that limited student self-advocacy opportunities, technology requirements, training issues, and faculty resistance at research institutions with a basis in faculty rewards systems that value research over teaching, have all been identified as potential weaknesses to the implementation of UDI methods in a post-secondary academic setting. As such, this presentation aims to highlight how UDI can support instructors in creating courses that accommodate a wide spectrum of student needs. An emphasis will be placed on depicting how instructors can benefit from responding to student diversity while maintaining academic standards and autonomy as the designers of their courses and how students, in turn, can benefit from a form of universality of design in higher education flexible enough to be used in multiple ways to enhance their learning.