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Is This the Real Life or Just Fantasy? Enhancing Learning Spaces With Augmented Reality and HP Reveal

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 • 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Alumni Auditorium
Brandon Sabourin University of Windsor Show biographies
Brandon Sabourin is a champion of teaching and learning at UWindsor. He a sessional instructor in the Faculty of Education where he teaches courses in digital technologies and social media, preparing pre-service teacher candidates to be responsible users of technology and digital information. Brandon is currently completing his PhD in Educational Studies at UWindsor. His research is exploring the educational development opportunities for sessional instructors.

Augmented reality (AR) "allows for combining or 'supplementing' real world objects with virtual objects or superimposed information" (Bacca et al., 2014, p. 133). Once considered a futuristic fad, AR has developed into a tool requiring little more than the smartphones we carry around daily in our pockets. Previous studies about AR identify advantages such as learning gains, motivation, interaction, and collaboration (Bacca et al., 2014). There are limited studies that explore using AR in higher education, the majority are from STEM disciplines which use AR to investigate machinery that is not feasible to bring into the classroom. Limited uses in arts and humanities disciplines exist, though the technology has been tested in language learning settings (Perry, 2015).

This session will highlight tested uses of AR. Students in three pre-service teacher education courses explored the use and setup of AR through the HP Reveal application as a part of an online tutorial. Their interactions online carried into the physical building they occupy daily and engaged them in interactions with everyday objects they take for granted. Ideas were explored, technological skills were practiced, and fun was had by many. Stop by this poster session and experience HP Reveal and AR for yourself!