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Maclean's Magazine University Rankings Analysis 1998-2018

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 • 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Alumni Auditorium
Denise DeBlock University of Windsor Show biographies
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Kenneth Cramer* University of Windsor
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Using a protocol of statistical tools and procedures, we provide an empirical examination of Maclean’s magazine rankings of Canadian universities for the years 1998-2018 to determine the following: (1) the correlation across all institutions between (a) rank and reputation in a given year, (b) a given year’s rank and the previous year’s reputation, and (c) a given year’s reputation and the previous year’s rank; (2) the correlation between rank and reputation for a given institution across all years; and (3) a comparison of variance in rank to reputation for a given institution across all years. Our analyses showed nonsignificant and largely inconsistent relationships across all of the aforementioned categories and while some categories were related, they were not synonymous when we feel they should be. Consequently, Maclean’s annual analyses using a rank-based approach to evaluate universities has offered inadequate practical use, different from their continually advertised intentions, for over twenty years.