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Using Ontario’s Play Based Model to Inform Information Literacy/Pedagogical Practice (and Ultimately Create Leadership Experiences)

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019 • 1:30 p.m. – 3 p.m.
Dillon Hall 367
Karen Pillon University of Windsor Show biographies
Karen Pillon is an Associate University Librarian at the University of Windsor’s Leddy library. Before accepting this position, Karen was the proud liaison librarian for Education along with liaising with high school students, international students and students with accessibility concerns. Teaching is Karen’s first love. In 2017, Karen was awarded the OCUFA Librarianship award for outstanding contribution to librarianship. She credits this achievement largely on her teaching accomplishments with students from every academic level including K-12 students.
Shuzhen Zhao University of Windsor
Dr. Shuzhen Zhao is the Head of the Acquisitions and Bibliographic services department at the Leddy Library. She recently defended her PhD in the area of Information Literacy. Dr. Zhao's main interest is the theoretical underpinnings of the Information Literacy Framework and how it can be used to teach students lifelong research skills. This work has taken her to China where she has taught students and faculty to use the framework effectively in the classroom.

Come learn about innovative teaching methods that connect play, leadership skills, and the information literacy (IL) framework! Today, more than ever, experiential learning is valued in the classroom as students try to connect theoretical concepts and practical learning. Furthermore, this model explores how to create a lasting team dynamic in the classroom that mimics the types of teams that they might experience in the workplace. Through play and learning, elements of leadership and team building have been used successfully to teach IL concepts, however, the model can be adapted for other disciplines. Although the Ontario play based model is typically used when children enter the academic system for the first time, many of the pedagogical underpinnings can be adjusted to the University classroom to teach many theoretical concepts and shape leadership and team building skills along the way. Participants will experience how to use experiences through play and connect them to IL/subject specific practice. This will be done by tying in three theoretical frames: the work of Geoffrey Scott’s evidence based leadership in higher education, the province of Ontario’s play based learning programming, and the Association of College, and Research Libraries’ Information Literacy framework.