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Nick Baker

Nick Baker is the Director of the Office of Open Learning, where he is incredibly excited about the possibilities that this new office opens up for students and faculty at the University of Windsor. He is a former Visiting Fellow in Educational Development at the CTL, where he has worked since 2009 as an educational developer. Nick is originally from Australia, where he worked in the Teaching and Educational Development Institute at the University of Queensland as an instructional designer, manager of an educational resource development group, and faculty member (educational development). He has been involved and working in higher education for over 15 years, and his research and interests span the breadth of higher education from policy to organisational change management, with a strong focus on the critical evaluation and adoption of technology in education, online and open learning, and alternative means of evaluating student learning. He is certain that there is a huge untapped potential in Canadian higher education for advancement in more flexible modes of learning, and is thrilled to be part of the development of this at UWindsor.

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