Windsor-Oakland Teaching and Learning Conference

The purpose of the eleventh annual University of Windsor-Oakland University Teaching and Learning Conference is to explore and celebrate the many ways we can contribute to the enhancement of a culture that values teaching.

A post-secondary institution’s culture consists of its embedded patterns, networks, behaviours, shared values, beliefs, and ideologies (Cox et al., 2011; Kustra et al., 2014; Mårtensson & Roxå, 2016). Whether, and how, an institution values teaching can impact critical outcomes such as student learning, student engagement, and student retention as well as faculty motivation and behaviours (Berger & Braxton, 1998; Cox et al., 2011; Feldman & Paulsen, 1999; Grayson & Grayson, 2003).

This international conference will bring together more than 250 researchers, instructors, administrators, staff, and students to the University of Windsor, May 2-4, 2017. Join us as we explore perspectives, celebrate initiatives, uncover notions, challenge beliefs, and together, move towards a culture that values teaching!

Pre-Conference: An International Forum on Teaching Evaluation

The International Forum on Teaching Evaluation will open the conference on May 2, 2017. This full-day forum offers academics, administrators, faculty, students, and private sector professionals an opportunity to examine the specific dynamics and cultures in post-secondary institutions that impact how they define quality in teaching and how they implement effective methods in evaluating teaching.

Dr. Torgny Roxä (Lund University, Sweden) will lead a workshop during the pre-conference forum and present the keynote at the main conference.


Keynote Speaker