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Opening Plenary - Peter Felten

Valuing Teaching: What Matters Most?

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In our book The Undergraduate Experience (Jossey-Bass, 2016), my co-authors and I identified six core themes that matter most for student success: learning, relationships, expectations, alignment, improvement, and leadership. This interactive keynote will explore why these themes are critically important not only for students but also for instructors and for institutional culture. Together we will critically consider what each of us can do, no matter what our context and role, to cultivate a generative culture of learning and teaching.

Peter Felten Peter Felten is assistant provost for teaching and learning, executive director of the Center for Engaged Learning, and professor of history at Elon University.  His recent publications include the co-authored books The Undergraduate Experience (Jossey-Bass, 2016), Transforming Students: Fulfilling the Promise of Higher Education (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014), and Engaging Students as Partners in Learning and Teaching (Jossey-Bass, 2014). From 2010-2011, he served as president of the POD Network, and in 2016-2017 he is president of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. He also is a co-editor of the International Journal for Academic Development.


Closing Plenary - Mathew L. Ouellett

Culture in Higher Education: What Accelerates Change?

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How can campus community members (e.g., faculty, staff, students and senior academic leaders) work in concert to effect culture change to better bring to life their strategic goals, values, and beliefs? In this highly interactive keynote, participants will reflect on and apply a model of institutional change, take stock of their institution’s current initiatives to enhance a culture that values teaching, share strategies that accelerate such change across our campuses, and identify possible next steps.

Mathew L. Ouellett Mathew L. Ouellett is Associate Provost and Director of the Wayne State University (WSU) Office for Teaching and Learning (OTL). Matt has held positions at the Center for Teaching at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass) concluding with 5 years as director and senior lecturer. Ouellett has taught courses in social justice and diversity, psychology, higher education, and the implications of race and racism for social work practice at a number of institutions including most recently the University of Wisconsin, Madison; the University of Massachusetts Amherst; and, Smith College School for Social Work. As a regular contributor to the literature on faculty development and inclusive teaching and learning, Ouellett has authored or co‐authored over 40 peer‐reviewed articles, book chapters, books, and edited collections. In 2014, the Wayne State University Student Senate presented Ouellett with the 2013 -2014 Student Senate Administrator of the Year Award. In 2012 he was honored with the Bob Pierleoni Spirit of POD Award for outstanding lifetime achievement and leadership in the enhancement of teaching, learning, and faculty development. From 2005 to 2008, Ouellett served as President/Executive Board Member of the Professional and Organization Development Network in Higher Education (POD).