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Biindigen/Come in! Let’s learn about the importance of Indigenizing the curriculum and how to respectfully braid Indigenous knowledges into the curriculum.

The journey to Indigenize curriculum fosters self-development. Whether you are an Indigenous or non-Indigenous person, through this journey you will gain insight into your own culture and background, privileges, or oppressions that have affected your life, and you will identify biases or gaps in your knowledge. You will question the pervasive dominance of Western epistemologies, pedagogies, and resources within curriculum, and make space for including Indigenous ways of being that can benefit all learners. You will engage in the emotional work of confronting the trauma of colonization and building stronger relationships with Indigenous people and communities, and actively participate in the hands-on work of revising your curriculum and pedagogical approaches. And finally, you will reflect upon your own agency in regard to Indigenization and take action toward systemic change in your institution.