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The "Developing Your Teaching Dossier Series" is a sequence of four 45-minute self-paced modules for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows exploring strategies to reflect on their teaching and develop their teaching dossier. While grad students and post-docs are the primary audience, these modules may be useful for anyone that is new to teaching or to the development of a teaching dossier.

Users can choose to take any one of the modules or can choose to complete all four of the modules in the series. Upon successful completion of each module, users will receive a certificate of completion. Completing the entire sequence of modules can allow you to explore a range of different considerations in your teaching dossier development process, including:
  • exploring and reflecting on your teaching experience;
  • identifying teaching-related transferable skills;
  • effectively defining and narrating your teaching values and practices and their impact on student learning;
  • describing components of a teaching dossier and begin writing various sections of your teaching dossier; and
  • articulating teaching skills and experiences for academic and non-academic careers.

Self-paced and other workshops

Module 1 - Reflecting on Your Teaching Experience: An Introduction to Teaching Dossiers TD-O-W22-01

Schedule: (Self-paced)
Location: Online
Module 1 defines teaching dossiers and their purpose to help you identify and recognize common components of dossiers across various academic disciplines. By exploring different frameworks for reflection on teaching experiences, you can devise a plan/system for gathering and documenting teaching experience, teaching development, and teaching-related activities as they relate to the foundations of a teaching dossier.

Module 2 - Articulating Your Teaching Values and Practices: Developing Your Statement of Teaching Philosophy TD-O-W22-02

Schedule: (Self-paced)
Location: Online
Module 2 describes the characteristics of an effective Statement of Teaching Philosophy (STP) and explains its purpose. By reflecting on your teaching values, instructional strategies, and their combined impact on student learning, you can begin to (1) identify transferable teaching skills, (2) articulate key beliefs about your teaching approach, and (3) build them into your own personalized STP.

Module 3 - Connecting Narratives and Evidence: Developing Components of Your Teaching Dossier TD-O-W22-03

Schedule: (Self-paced)
Location: Online
Module 3 describes the common components of a teaching dossier and strategies for aligning the various sections into a cohesive narrative. As you draft a story of your teaching values and practices, you can develop strategies for combining narratives and artifacts—key pieces of evidence that support the claims that you are making about your teaching.

Module 4 - Looking Ahead: Telling New Stories About Our Teaching Experiences TD-O-W22-04

Schedule: (Self-paced)
Location: Online
Module 4 examines the application of teaching dossiers in your career exploration and its connection to other professional documents, e.g., EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion) statements, cover letters, and job interview questions. By applying the teaching values, experiences, and skills articulated in your teaching dossier to other professional documents, you can enhance your ability to communicate the value of your teaching experience to a range of audiences.