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Brightspace Workshops

Brightspace Workshops

The Centre for Teaching and Learning's Brightspace Workshop series provides in-person and on-line synchronous learning opportunities. In-person workshops for faculty/staff are offered in two varieties:

Step-by-Step: relaxed, slower-paced sessions and
Quick Steps: faster, technically driven sessions.

Start your Brightspace training with the Getting Started with Brightspace workshop to provide the basis for the more advanced workshops.

Once you are registered for a workshop, if you find you will not be able to attend, kindly unregister for the workshop so facilitators can plan activities accordingly.

For Faculty/Department-specific workshops, visit https://ctl2.uwindsor.ca/workshops/147/

Developing Your Teaching Dossier Series

Developing Your Teaching Dossier Series

The "Developing Your Teaching Dossier Series" is a sequence of four 45-minute self-paced modules for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows exploring strategies to reflect on their teaching and develop their teaching dossier. While grad students and post-docs are the primary audience, these modules may be useful for anyone that is new to teaching or to the development of a teaching dossier.

Users can choose to take any one of the modules or can choose to complete all four of the modules in the series. Upon successful completion of each module, users will receive a certificate of completion. Completing the entire sequence of modules can allow you to explore a range of different considerations in your teaching dossier development process, including:
  • exploring and reflecting on your teaching experience;
  • identifying teaching-related transferable skills;
  • effectively defining and narrating your teaching values and practices and their impact on student learning;
  • describing components of a teaching dossier and begin writing various sections of your teaching dossier; and
  • articulating teaching skills and experiences for academic and non-academic careers.
Access to these modules is provided in Brightspace. Once you’ve registered here, you can self-enrol into these modules by logging into brightspace.uwindsor.ca, clicking the Discover tab at the top of the page, and searching for the relevant modules. You will need to enrol into each one individually.
Graduate Teaching and Learning (GTL) Fellowship Workshop Series

Graduate Teaching and Learning (GTL) Fellowship Workshop Series

The GTL Fellows across campus are dedicated to improving the experience, abilities, and support for graduate and undergraduate students that are involved in assisting with the teaching and delivery of courses either as GA/TAs or otherwise.

Workshops offered by GTL Fellows will be based in their respective Faculty and will target the specific needs of that Faculty’s GA/TAs.

If you have any questions about the GTL Fellowship Program, contact Dr. Laura Chittle at Laura.Chittle@uwindsor.ca.

Teaching Dossier Academy

Teaching Dossier Academy

The University of Windsor is pleased to invite college and university professors of all ranks and years of experience to its Teaching Dossier Academy. This intensive, week-long Academy is designed to provide background information, workshops, peer consultation, and extensive expert individual consultation to support the development of participants’ professional teaching portfolios over a period of five days.

Organizers of the Academy will guide higher education teachers through the process of gathering materials and selecting items to include in their dossiers, as well as articulating teaching methods and philosophies.

The Academy will accommodate doctoral students as they articulate their teaching identities, early-career faculty seeking to establish their teaching profiles, tenure-track teachers required to prepare or re-write their dossiers for formal evaluation procedures, instructors preparing materials for teaching awards, and teachers at all career stages who wish to enhance their pedagogical practice through reflection and peer dialogue.

We invite you to participate in a stimulating week of professional growth, one which promises to help you to describe, in one succinct and cogent narrative, your aims, activities, and accomplishments as a college or university instructor. If you have any questions or concerns, please email ctl@uwindsor.ca.

Note: priority will be given to faculty members.

There is no charge for members of the University of Windsor academic community. The discounted fee for full-time graduate students from institutions other than the University of Windsor is $250 (includes HST) CDN or US funds. The fee for faculty from other institutions is $550 (includes HST) US or CDN. Enrolment for the Academy is limited to 25 participants.

Please hold the dates of the Academy and we will confirm your place as soon as possible.

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